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                    Pulverizer series
                    Mixer series
                    Granulator series
                    Powder sifter series
                    Dryer series
                    Other series
                    rubber series
                    Conveyer series
                    Rubber machine series
                             About Us

                    Jiangyin Zhenya pharmaceutical machinery factory is located in a prosperous economy, beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake - Jiangsu province Jiangyin city wish Town, east of Shanghai, south of Wuxi, north depends on world fourth, China the first Jiangyin Yangtze River bridge," golden path" - - - - - - - the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed shunt and high-speed Xicheng highway through the near by, geography location is very advantageous, terraqueous traffic is very convenient.

                    The factory specializing in the production of pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, chemical machinery, is set research, development, sales in the professional integration of pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers, advanced manufacturing processing equipment, through rigorous testing system, ensure that100 percent qualified. The main products are: universal mill, mill, crushing machine, vibration screen, efficient sieve powder machine, mixing machine, granulating machine, dry granulating machine, swing granulator, RXH type hot air circulation oven six series. Our products in the market by the favor of customers and praise.

                    Companies adhere to "quality of survival, to efficiency and development" of the enterprise purpose, dare be a person first, innovation, and strive to refine on product quality, the better for the majority of customer service.

                    Sincere thanks to the broad masses of old and new customers with the cooperation and support, welcome letter calls business negotiations, create a better future!

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                    TEL0510-86386879 FAX0510-86380052  ADDNo. 20, Jinmao Road, Zhutang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province  ZIP214415 
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